Ayanna is the team leader and strong moral compass that keeps the team in well oiled shape. A brilliant strategist and cool head under pressure, Ayanna was born to lead, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a team member that will admit otherwise.


One of the most naturally gifted pilots on the team, Able was born to fly and with the extended hands-on training from Col. Mars, he may quickly become the most skilled pilot on the planet.



The brains of the outfit and team geographical/topographical expert that keeps the team up to date and informed on all mission details. An otherwise sweet and timid soul, Genesis comes alive in combat and is a truly fearsome force to be reckoned with.


The battle strategist, tech specialist and field mechanic on the team, Omar is a balanced pilot with strong will and a laid back demeanor. A hoarder of information, he operates as the team historian, always ready to drop a little knowledge for the greater good.


The weapons expert of the team and thrill seeker with a cool head under pressure (sometimes too cool). The comic relief, Slip may be the shortest member on the team, but he boast the largest personality around. Don’t let his size and playful demeanor fool you, Slip is a most formidable adversary in combat.

Colonel Mars

The founder of Tuskegee Heirs Program, Mars is the guiding force for our young heroes. He induces camaraderie by teaching lessons of team building and core values that aid them in all of their endeavors. While he takes a backseat to the action overall, underestimating this original Tuskegee Heir would spell disaster for any opponent.


Every bit the mechanical genius, Jena keeps the Tuskegee Heirs flying while obsessing over all things Hi-tech. Just don’t damage her planes because that has proven to be problematic.

The technology that powers the weapons and aircraft is an anti-gravity, electromagnetic cycle generator (A.G.E.C.G.). When activated, it causes local weightlessness to the machinery it’s attached to, while converting the unused gravitational energy into focused renewable propulsion or destructive energy. This grants extreme maneuverability to the aircraft and mechs. Without this, it would be impossible to move the tons of weight associated with the compact engineering involved in concealing a bipedal robot in an airplane.